Mediation offers a quicker and more economical alternative to problem-solving than legal remedy, so it is an increasingly popular solution for companies wanting to solve day-to-day problems with customers or suppliers, and even employees, without wishing to sever ties despite the differences. This procedure takes a very hands-on approach to solving the problem.

Through mediation, people with a dispute or disagreement can open a process of dialogue through the mediator with the principal goal of securing a satisfactory solution to the problem. The agreement is legally effective in the event of breach, which gives full legal efficacy to the procedure.

This method of conflict resolution is highly recommended when problems arise between companies or individuals that will continue to have some form of bond, such as family businesses, companies with regular customers or suppliers, or partners, as well as for establishing internal protocols in the company or dealing with problems on an individual level, family break-ups and inheritances.

The result of this procedure, unlike the legal route, is always chosen by the parties, which reduces uncertainty regarding the outcome. Furthermore, the procedure can be left at any time without being disclosed in subsequent court proceedings, as everything discussed is considered confidential, thus fostering full and transparent dialogue. What is more, leaving the procedure does not entail a waste of time because one of the qualities of mediation is its flexibility.

The mediation procedure is voluntary and only those who agree to do so can be referred to mediation, although its benefits normally lead to an agreement on the solution by this means.

AThe matter is the problem; the form, the solution.

Friedrich Hebbel (1813-1863) German poet and playwright.

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